Nice Demeure at Banyan Bay.

- Miyou
I have been living here for about a year so far I have some suggestion and concerns about the Apt. Staffing is professional and courteous, Parking is well manage even involve the city, Safery is not quiet there yet because, residents without a card, and others as burglers have access to go in at night perhaps during the day may drive thru the gate and proceede on braking just like they did at the main office drop box.. The cameras should be more accurate and working in this case they would have find out who commited theis act. . I believe the asssociation should have security on permises for this to be prevented. Pricing is too much for just rent with no full Security but it is manageable, It is nice clean. liveable and quiet enough. The Maintenance crew are accurate, has willingness to go above and beyond for resident (s) and infomred us on any upcoming that should be expected as per as their field. All in All it is Ok I did make some recommendation as long as you may afford it..