Great staff, but amenities advertised do not exist!

- Trudy
The highlight of renting here is the office staff, especially Tiffany! They are all so great! I'm just gonna mention the cons. Other than the cons, everything else that you can imagine is Great!

I believe the cons are beyond the office staff's control, and it is sad that they have to offer apartments here knowing that the amenities advertised do not exist.
I moved here at the end of 2015. When I came, they told me that the gate was hit by lightning 2 weeks prior and would be fixed by the end of the month. It's now the end of 2017 and that gate has still not been fixed. It is always open for every and anyone to come in.
Next, they started renovating the pool, gym and the front office in mid 2016 and over a year later, still can't use the gym nor the pool because they are sluggishly "working" on it. It is really not a large area and should've been done in 2 months, at most. It's like construction is only done over there about twice a month and we still have to pay full rent as if we get these amenities when we don't.
Also, the gym is nearby the gate and when the gym used to be in order, because anyone could get in due to the gate always being open, some unsavory characters would be in the gym, especially at night. You need a key card to get into the gym, but I believe any laundry card would work because it is the same card that you would use if you used on-site laundry.
Also, the light by the mailbox does not come on at night, so I have to use the light on my phone to get to my mailbox. Also, some areas on the compound are poorly lit at night.

I just wish they would fix these and then the high rent would then totally be worth it.